We are traditional midwives

Erin and Sarah are CPM’s (Certified Professional Midwife) and Sarah is a LM (licensed midwife). We serve the Twin Cities and surrounding area. It is our goal as a midwives to empower and educate women and their families on all of their options throughout the childbearing year. Women should have as much control as possible in determining their care, and should be encouraged to be active participants in the decision-making process. Childbirth, when experienced in this way, has the potential to be a transformative event. Women who take responsibility for their births and give birth to their babies under their own power, emerge from the experience empowered, with a new sense of their own capabilities.


The first thing that we do is meet for an initial visit so that we can answer any questions you and your family have. This takes place in our office in Saint Paul and usually lasts about an hour. If we decide to move forward together, we provide complete prenatal, birth and postpartum care. We spend time discovering who you are and the needs you have in 45 minute to one hour prenatal’s that begin around 12 weeks. We see you once a month until 28 weeks, every two weeks until 36 weeks and every week after that until the birth of your baby. We also come to your home at 34 weeks for a home visit, where we give you the birth supply list and talk about where you envision giving birth. This is a great time to gather your birth team together so that we can all meet each other! It also gives us an opportunity to answer any questions others might have. All prenatal’s (except the home visit) will take place at our St. Paul office. Children are always welcome!


During prenatal visits we assess your well-being as well as that of your baby’s. We assess your physical well-being by taking blood pressure and pulse, asking about physical discomforts, checking the urine, giving information about prenatal tests that are available and making sure that all of your questions are answered. The baby’s well-being is directly connected to yours. We palpate the position of the baby, check for normal growth and listen to the heartbeat at each visit. While these assessments are vital, we spend a majority of the visit getting to know you. Recommended herbal remedies will be provided at no cost to you. Your desires for the birth and our care for you are discussed and options are given. We hope to create an atmosphere of trust and openness between us. We love doula’s and think a doula is an asset to any birth, including at home.

Relationship with your midwives

We appreciate your honesty on your health history and about any issues that may come up during the course of care. If you have dreams, hopes, preferences about your care please feel free to speak up and let us know.


We will remain in close contact with you during the last days of pregnancy and the hours of warm-up or early labor and will come to your home at your request providing both monitoring of mother and baby as well as emotional and physical support. *We remain with you through active labor, the pushing stage and at least 3 hours after the birth to ensure that both you and the baby are doing well. In early postpartum a thorough newborn exam is performed. We ensure nursing is established (or attempted~sometimes it can take some time~) and your vital signs are monitored. We are both certified in Neonatal Resuscitation and Adult and Infant CPR and keep these up to date. We don’t leave your home until we are certain that you and your baby are in good condition and you are fed and comfortable and your home is tidy.


Early postpartum visits take place in your home so you don’t have to go out with your new baby. Home postpartum visits are as follows: Within the first 36 hours, at 3 days, and 1 week. First time moms will have a 2 week postpartum as well. The 3 week and 6 week postpartum are usually at my office in W. St. Paul. During these visits we talk about the physical and emotional aspects of postpartum and the newborn period. We do an overall newborn assessment on your baby each time. We also assess your physical well being. We acknowledge that, while an incredibly joyous time, early parenting can be challenging and even frightening for some women. We are, once again, available to talk with you about any questions or concerns you might have. If we don’t feel fully able to assist with something, we can refer you to someone with in the community. This might include chiropractors, cranial sacral therapists, lactation counselors and/or psychologists.

*We also have a waterbirth tub that is included at no additional cost. When you receive your birth supply list, you can order your liner along with the birth kit. We will give you the tub at the 38 week prenatal. You can see our birth supply list at Precious Arrows in the birth kits section under *Geneabirth Midwifery.

Parent Responsibilities:

The best care a woman can secure for herself and her baby during childbearing is the care she gives herself.
You have many choices as you move through your pregnancy, approach birth and later motherhood. There are many ways to educate your self about pregnancy and birth and babies: asking questions at prenatals, reading, watching birth videos, or attending childbirth classes, attending support and education meetings in the community are all options for self-education.
A good diet, moderate exercise, stress relief, attention to your relationship with your partner are all very important in the overall health, well being and smoother birth and postpartum for a pregnant woman and her unborn baby.